Visual & Interactive Cloud Management Platform

Next-Gen Interface to your Cloud

    Currently supporting AWS

Monitor, Analyze and Operate in a virtual environment

Redefining the way you interact with Cloud Infrastructure

Key Benefits 


Single view of entire cloud

Gain complete visibility of your complex IT infrastructure with a single topology view

Contextual Insights

Analyze data in Resource Context

Key metrics & Cost data are aggregated and overlayed on IT resources in a rich color coded format. Group resources and analyze data in the resource context


Locate & Fix issues in a single view

Debug issues at a glance and take corresponding actions right there. Improve operational effectiveness and reduce downtime 

What's New?

Auto CloudWatch Alarms(Beta)
A self-sustaining and an end-to-end alarm management solution for AWS CloudWatch alarms that handles alarm creation, modification and clean-up for all possible scenarios, providing a seamless experience for DevOps

Topology View

Understand the network topology like never before  

No need of tagging any resources anymore. Application view will group resources dynamically based on their correlation 

Network Topology view

View all correlations between resources in a single view along with current status

Dynamic Grouping

Group resources by applications, tag-key, tag-value, resource type, VPC-Id and many more

   RealTime Monitoring

Understand the realtime relationship status along with resource utilization. All data is aggregated in realtime.

Contextual Monitoring

Get a bird's eye view of real-time monitoring information overlayed on IT resources
Single view

Real-time view of  all resources in a single pane of glass across multiple metrics

Contextual Data Visualization

Get instant usage details right on top of your inventory with rich color coding. The color represents the current usage level based on the selected metric. 

Historical Analysis

Understand the historical usage pattern for individual resources across multiple metrics with interactive graphs

Custom Metrics

Add any custom metric to cloudwatch and instantly visualize them on the platform. No additional changes required.

Cost Analyzer

Interactively build your cost perspective
Interactive cost view

Interactively build cost views and zoom in/out to get the detailed costs

Real-time view

Get a real time view of costs in a single view across all the resources. 


Slice and dice your cost interactively by grouping resources at multiple levels.

Cost Projections

Get cost projections for the entire month based on the current usage pattern

Feedback Matters!

Vote and suggest with the community. What you would like to see in TotalCloud?

More Product Features


Save costs with insights

Totalcloud's recommendation engine provides key insights to reduce your AWS costs. No need to worry about the under utilized or unused resources

Security Compliance

Secure your cloud with aws compliance checks

Secure your cloud with continuous monitoring of violations. Mitigate all your security threats


Interactively act on resources

Single platform to analyze the cloud resources and take action immediately right there. Reduce the overall debugging and operation time.


Automate mundane tasks

Automate all cloud operations, save cost, time and reduce scripting errors.

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