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Increase cloud visibility with contextual data in a visual environment

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Visualize your AWS infrastructure in a realtime dynamic environment.


View the whole architecture with contextual data to make faster decisions.


Get realtime metrics with contextual datato understand the current state.


Pan, zoom in and out to concentrate on what needs your attention.

Replace multiple cloud management tools
Embrace cloud visibility


  • Single view for everything
  • Multiple data layers for better context
  • Dynamic views to filter and arrange your architecture as needed.
  • Pan, zoom in & out to view what matters.
  • Level of detail (Coming Soon)


  • Monitor all services for desired metrics at a glance.
  • Get contextual information for all services on your infrastructure.
  • Topology view to understand inter-relationships to create baselines.
  • Understand performance with rich color coded metric overlayed on the services.
  • Historical analysis to go back in time and find root cause for failure.
  • Custom metric support


  • Contextual cost visualization of the insfrastructure.
  • Build multiple cost views with dynamic grouping.
  • Slice and dice cost with drill down functionality
    • Global
    • Region
    • User/Application?VPC/Tags...
    • Services

VPC Flow Logs

  • Visualize VPC flow logs to understand internal and external access to cloud infrastructure and tighten security.
  • Understand network performance and understand bandwidth costs.
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