Faster way to understand AWS topology and configurations

TotalCloud platform leverages one of the most used gaming engines to provide a seamless interface with your AWS environment.

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What’s in it for you.

Network View

The powerful visualization helps you understand how different parts Subnets and VPCs interact with each other. Understand which network components can access other network components.


Security Group View

Drill down deeper beyond the network configurations and understand how different AWS security groups work together.


Still not happy enough?

TotalCloud presents you the most visually appealing application to validate your AWS operations.

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Parameter-based grouping

Global level grouping gives immense control to arrange and rearrange services in groups. This helps in getting clearer information based on common parameters of the resources.

Multiple Views

Each different view/mode has specific options that help in debugging and validating configuration. That can be used in multiple scenarios in debugging validating AWS resource configurations.

Read-Only Access/Secure

Read-only Key Based Access and Cross-Account Access dynamically pulls resource metadata to provide all the information needed to debug and validate AWS resources configurations.

Perspectives / Data Layers

Perspectives/Data Layers adds another layer of data to the scene/mode/view/workspace which provides even more contextual information.

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