Q: What’s unique about the totalcloud?

Totalcloud is a visual and interactive cloud management platform. Built using a 3D gaming engine, analyzes all the cloud infrastructure frame by frame based on user's actions and renders it in real time. The rich interface provides a virtual view of the entire cloud infrastructure in a single pane of glass. You can visually analyze, monitor and operate on your cloud infrastructure in real-time.  

Q: How secure is Totalcloud?

Totalcloud has following layers of security.

Encryption – We use encrypted channels (TLS/SSL) for data transit and all the data is encrypted.

Integration with AWS - We use ARN based cross account access methodology. Cross-account access is the most secure way for 3rd party vendor access. All the industry leading vendors use the same methodology to access AWS accounts.

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Q: What information is stored in totalcloud's user account?

Totalcloud stores only the billing information obtained from AWS's S3 bucket. All the remaining metadata information is obtained directly from the API call and processed without storing.

Q: Which all public cloud service providers do you support?

Currently we support AWS. Azure and Google cloud will be coming soon.

Q: What platforms do you support?

We support all the major OS platforms ( Mac, Windows and Linux)

Q: Is it a web based or client based platform.

Totalcloud is a client based solution, you need to download the client onto your desktop and run. You need not install any software or the client

Q: Does Totalcloud allow multi-user access?

Yes, you can login with multiple totalcloud accounts mapping to single AWS account

Q: How quickly can I setup Totalcloud and start using it?

It would require you to configure IAM role in AWS console and use the same ARN to configure totalcloud client. Monitoring, Operations and Automation features will be available immediately, where as cost, insights and compliance would require 5-10 min of time to fetch data from AWS & s3 bucket.

Q: Do I need to install agents anywhere?

No, you just need to download the totalcloud client and run the client. No need to install client or agent.

Q: Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign-up for a free trial?

No. You can take the free trail without having to provide credit card details.

Q: Does Totalcloud integrate with other apps?

Totalcloud current integrates with cloudwatch. We would be integrating New Relic, Datadog and much more in 2017

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