Cost Analyzer

Interactively visualize all your costs right on top of your Inventory in realtime. Slice and dice the overall costs in real time by grouping resources using multiple parameters

Top View

1. Get bird's eye view of overall costs by grouping resources using multiple parameters in real time 

2. Associate costs with real-time inventory. Understand the cost spend on various applications/services.

3. Get the overall cost, yesterday's and projected cost for the time period selected

Group View

1. Dynamically group resources using multiple parameters(for ex, Tag value, VPC Id, resource type) to slice and dice the overall costs. 

2. Multiple real-time views can be built in no time. 

3. Allows multiple levels of groupings to understand your cost spend in an intuitive way. (For ex, Level1 grouping - Resource type, Level2 - Instances are further grouped by tag value)

4. Build your own perspective of the cost spend

Drill Down View

1. Interactively zoom-in to drill down multiple levels and understand costs at each individual resource

No more bulky reports and dashboards to understand.

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