Rich visualization of monitoring information right on top of your cloud infrastructure.

Monitor resource usage

1. A static report on a constantly changing cloud environment does not give the right picture.

2. Get a dynamic real-time view of the utilization right on top of the inventory.

3. Color coding makes it easier to understand the usage.

4. Use multiple key metrics to understand the resource utilization.

. Group resources and know which application groups are underutilized or overutilized.

6.Take action on the resource without having to switch windows. Check cloud operation

Topology view-Understand live Interconnection status 

1. Quickly validate the status of all ELBs-to-Instances,EBS-to-Instances, AppELB-to-TG and TG-to-Instances interconnections,  and take action. Check cloud operation.

2. One single pane of glass to view the entire topology and understand its current status.
. Reduce the overall debugging time to seconds. No need to check multiple logs and dashboards.

Custom graphs

1. Create custom historical views of the monitored resources.

2. Analyze multiple metrics in a single graph.

3. Define time range, period and statistics to build your custom graphs.

Get all your cloudwatch metrics

1. Switch to any key metric and monitor in real time

. Push any custom metrics to cloudwatch & get them on totalcloud dynamically, no need of additional configuration.

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