Auto CloudWatch Alarms

A self-sustaining AWS CloudWatch alarm management solution that makes DevOps easier  


Introducing Auto CloludWatch Alarms. A smart AWS CloudWatch alarm management solution, which intuitively tracks, modifies, and/or deletes alarms as needed for your AWS cloud infra, providing a seamless experience for DevOps.

Powered by behavioural tree model of managing complex tasks, this proactive solution tracks resources and uses optimized predefined threshold values to dynamically create alarms when a resource is allocated and deletes them when a resource is unallocated — all without human intervention 

Benefits of Auto CloudWatch Alarms

1. Self-regulating: Works even when you are away.No need of manual maintenance & alarm monitoring.
2. Smart: Uses optimized rules for creating necessary alarms as the need arises
3. Adaptive: Works on all resources, static or dynamic. Enables customization and overriding of threshold values as per your need
4. DevOps Friendly: Minimizes the manual effort required.
5. Optimal: Reduces the overhead of testing and tracking custom scripts for alarms. Helps save time and effort with consistent alarm configuration across all AWS regions.

How to Enable Auto CloudWatch Alarms on TotalCloud

1. Configure: Configure alarm thresholds under AI/Automation checks.
2. Simulate: Make a dry run of the configuration.
3. Enable: Get the alarms up and running on it’s own without human intervention


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