Interactive AWS Cost Analyzer

Perform In-Depth Real-time AWS Cost Analysis At Multi-Levels in Seconds.

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What all you can do.

Interactive Cost Analysis.

Pan, zoom-in, or zoom-out at various levels to analyze
AWS cost across each resource, group of resources, AZs, or regions using color-coded pyramids.

Globe View

Visually understand cost and resource usage across
regions. Get current, yesterday and projected cost
data at once.


Group resources by service type or resource
parameters from the live architecture and further slice
and dice the spend of each of these groups.

Data-Transfer Cost

Get in/out data-transfer cost data between various

Powerful Filters.

Segregate resources by type and view its aggregated cost or drill on further to understand individual resource cost. Also filter resources by VPCs, Resource Attributes for more constructive information.

What’s in it for you.
Multi-Level Analysis

Visually analyze AWS spend across each resource, group of resources, AZs, or regions using one visual console.

Rapid Cost Analysis

Understand AWS spend at various levels and at lightning speed using visually-rich dynamic color-coded pyramids.

Real-time Data

View spend data in real-time on a live AWS architecture without the use of stale reports from multiple dashboards.

Find Cost Leakages

Discover cost-heavy resources, find the root-cause of it, and act quickly to fix it.

Effortless Analysis

Get easy-to-comprehend real-time cost data and eliminate use of multiple cost reports from various dashboards.

Unprecedented Contextual

Understand spend from resources, teams, tags, or AZs, including data transfer cost across regions.

View AZ-Level to Resource-Level Cost

Find costliest resource type in an AZ, zoom-in to a resource type and find individual resource.

Get Current and Projected
Spend Data

Get current, yesterday, and projected
cost data for the month in a snap.

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