A collection of DevOps checklists

DevOps is a culture that requires some practices and a new vision, its common goal is unifying people and organizations around unique goals.

We have compiled DevOps checklists that you need to do what a DevOps guy does in a day or should do depending on your use case. This list cover different scenarios that you might be in.

  1. LINK : This checklist is comprised of 48 items you can use to gauge the maturity of your software delivery competency, and form a baseline to measure your future improvements. 
  2. LINK : Granular checklist around DevOps culture and it’s unique goals.
  3. LINK : Perfect for starting out and implementing the DevOps culture.
  4. LINK : Checklists and Templates for DevOps catering to Requirements Checklist, Runbook Template, SLA Templates, Deployment Checklist, Application Level Monitoring
  5. LINK : A DevOps checklist for successful app deployment.
  6. LINK : This list caters for particularly for DevOps on Windows.
  7. LINK : It particularly covers high level do’s for DevOps security, development and performance monitoring.

Do you have your own personal checklist? Add it to the list and help the DevOps community, email at veer@totalcloud.io

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