Contextual Monitoring

Rich visualization of monitoring information right on top of your AWS cloud infrastructure

Top Features

Monitor Resource Usage in Real-TIme

A dynamic real-time view of resource utilization right on top of the inventory
  • Track multiple key metrics to understand the resource utilization
  • Group resources using auto-grouping to know which application groups are underutilized or overutilized
  • Take action on the resource without having to switch windows

Manage your Resources in Topology View

Take corrective action and manage resources quickly from a single pane of glass
  • Get live interconnection statuses between resources
  • Quickly validate the status of all ELBs-to-Instances, EBS-to-Instances, AppELB-to-TG and TG-to- Instances interconnections, and take action.
  • View the entire topology and make sense of all resources quickly.
  • Reduce the overall debugging time to seconds.
  • No need to check multiple logs and dashboards.

Understand Your Cloud Inventory with APP View

Get complete visibility of all apps on the cloud
  • Group resources based on the relationship
  • Get resource usage and cost insights, even without tagging

Monitor AWS Cloud with Custo- mized Set of CloudWatch Metrics

Use the metric you want and manage cloud better
  • Use any key metric and monitor resource usage in real time
  • Get custom CloudWatch metric on TotalCloud, dynamically, without additional configuration.
  • Group resources based on configuration to contextually monitor resources. Crafted for today’s solution architects.
  • Get CPU utilization aggregated over two weeks
Add Ons
Take Corrective Actions
  • Create a tag policy for better cloud governance
  • Start/Stop or terminate instance as and when required for cloud optimaiztion
Custom Graphs
  • Create custom historical views of the monitored resources.
  • Analyze multiple metrics in a single graph.
  • Define time range, period and statistics to build your custom graphs.

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