Cost Analyzer & Insights

Slice and dice AWS spend & understand cost spillage, in real-time, by grouping resources using multiple parameters

Top Features

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Overall Cost

Interactively visualize all your costs right on top of your AWS inventory in real-time
  • Analyze current AWS spend on real-time inventory
  • Get a handle on spend for various applications/services currently running on AWS
  • Get overall cost, yesterday's and projected cost for a particular time frame

Customize Spend Analysis with Group View

Analyze spend the way your business needs it
  • Dynamically group resources using multiple parameters (Example: Tag value, VPC Id, resource type) to slice and dice the overall costs
  • Build multiple real-time views for customized drill down
  • Group resources at multiple levels to understand your cost spend in an intuitive way. (Example: Level1 grouping - Resource type, Level2 - Instances are further grouped by tag value)

Understand Spend at Resource Level

Granular drill-down helps understand problem areas from cost perspective
  • Interactively zoom-in to drill down multiple levels and understand costs at each individual resource
  • No more bulky reports and dashboards to understand

Get Cost Insights

Get global and regional level Intelligent cost savings insights in real-time
  • Get key recommendations on cost leakages and potential savings based on usage
  • Visualize the impacted resources, compare and contrast with other resources to build the right perspective
  • Take corrective action accordingly
Add Ons
On Demand Pricing
  • Compare and contrast various instance types and their pricing in real time
  • Make quick adjustments based on the current pricing of the instances
Reserved Instance Usage
  • Get complete visibility into Reserved Instance (RI) usage for better cost savings
  • Replace on-demand instance with RI instances accordingly

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