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TotalCloud do?

TotalCloud's flexible product helps you schedule services, enforce compliances and create cloud management solutions for your processes.

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Create and Automate Cloud Management

Tailor the TotalCloud Workflows to your startup’s cloud management needs – start with one or many use cases.

Schedule AWS Resources

Start and stop your resources so they run during business-hours only. Save Cost and Effort.

Take Backups & Snapshots

Take periodic snapshots or backup of any AWS resource.

Delete Unused Resource

Periodically delete unused EBS, S3 buckets, or any resource to save cost.

Improve Security

Find public S3 buckets, EC2 instances and take action on them or send notifications.

Enforce Tagging of Resources

Check for untagged resources and send notification as needed. Also, delete if needed.

Send Reports

Create & automate custom reports without writing any code or managing Lambdas. We take care of that.

So much more!

The workflow UI enables you to create as many solutions you want.

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