Workflow Editor

A user-friendly studio interface with smart tools set to automate instinctual cloud management processes.
Drag and drop triggers and actions from the tool set into the Workflow editor and set the trigger conditions.
Let TotalCloud Workflows know what action to perform under certain circumstances with a versatile set of nodes and parameters.
Define execution condition at each node to achieve a task like you would do in person.
Set triggers at any node to send emails to your peers or receive notifications for real-time visibility into executions.


Preset time & event based triggers that initiate a workflow according to the conditions you have defined. Think of events that would make you start acting on a resource ASAP while adding definitions


•  SNS from CloudWatch

•  Every Friday 6PM

•  Everyday 8AM


Fetch all the resources matching the selected criteria. Example: Aggregate all EC2s of Type T2.Medium in us-east-1.


Filter out aggregated resources further from resource node with set multiple conditions. Example: Filter out only RDS instances that have their ports open.


•Pick RDS with Tag

  Key = ENV

  Value = DEV

•Pick SGs with

  TCP Port range: 22



Define switch cases If This Then That conditional constructs where ever required for an action item to act on a certain resource.


•Reboot Instances •Shutdown Instances

•Take Snapshots

•Delete IAM Roles


Invoke an action when on defined subset or superset of resources meet a certain criteria in either Filter node or Logical Note. Example: Reboot an instance in the prod environment when CPU is high.


•Reboot Instances •Shutdown Instances

•Take Snapshots

•Delete IAM Roles


Automatically send a report or a message of an executed action to your or your team's email or slack channel to keep you updated of workflow executions and cloud infrastructure in real-time. Even raise tickets in ticketing systems using API / HTTP calls.


•Email SysOps Team of rebooted Instances

•Notify Dev Slack Channel about change in Instance

User Approval

Helps take an approval from a stakeholder before executing a preset condition. The workflow automatically sends an email or a message to the concerned person , and depending on the action taken by the approver, Action(s) are initiated.
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