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Set it and forget it

TotalCloud is a fully managed automation platform that allows you to create automation workflows “recipes” for your AWS environment. We make sure they run every time they are scheduled to run.

Not a black box

TotalCloud is not just a black box where you can create AWS automation workflows but it interacts with external data sources as well.

  • External Triggers: You can trigger workflows from HTTP endpoints - Trigger a workflow from external sources such as Ticketing System, CI/CD, Internal Applications, Slack Bots, almost from anywhere you can make a POST call.
  • External API Calls: You can send notifications, data to other apps through our HTTP Node. Get external information from our HTTP node via GET call.

Enhanced visibility

Take control of every configuration on AWS - from the most abstract to the most granular.

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Control and transform data in a workflow

Easily control what data should move forward to the next node (step) in your workflow. Have total control on data movement and transformations!

User approved workflows

Take approval for critical action on your AWS account in a workflow from stakeholders or decision-makers.

Trigger workflows from multiple sources

The trigger node provides you with the flexibility of having multiple triggers.

  • Time
  • HTTP
  • CloudWatch Alarms
  • CloudWatch Events (Coming Soon)

160+ templates to select from

Select from 160+ templates to quickly get started with your cloud automation and management.

Fast and simple on the outside, rich and powerful on the inside.

Imagine creating buying different tools or/and writing scripts to automate AWS for variety of use cases. Taking weeks and sometimes months to get the solution running. TotalCloud lets you create complex workflow solutions using its simpler pre-set nodes. Put your Workflows together like Lego bricks! It has never been easier or quicker to create simple and complex solutions alike.

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What can you do?


Time Saving

Get insights based workflows to enable best practice checks for your infrastructure.



Auto-remediate your insights and other known actions on AWS to increase engineers’ productivity.


Cost Saving

Enable auto parking feature and scheduling for resources to save up to 60% cloud cost.

Custom Reporting


Create reports from insights or your own custom needs in seconds.

Works On All AWS Services

with all possible actions available for all AWS services.
165 Services Supported