About Us

We’re the makers of world’s first interactive, immersive, and real-time cloud monitoring and management platform

Who we are:
We are cloud enthusiasts who are making DevOps and CloudOps engineers life easier by providing them with a visualization platform for AWS cloud management.
What we do:
We are building a revolutionary, interactive, and real-time cloud management platform that renders the complete cloud infrastructure in a virtual environment, and helps manage AWS resources intuitively & intelligently

Get the TotalCloud Advantage

Powerful Visualization

Visually-rich Topology View of complete AWS inventory helps make sense of all resource usage

Faster Decision Making

Easy access to Contextual Insights empowers you to take remediation actions quickly

Smart Troubleshooting

Interactive & immersive debugging makes AWS cloud management more fun rather than vexing

Real Time Operations

Take Action on EC2, RDS, EBS, ELBs, CloudFront & other AWS resources, in the right context, to improve AWS cloud’s health

All-round Visibility

Get complete clarity on multiple VPCs, its corelated resources, and much more overlaid with Proactive Insights

Error-free Operations

Leverage AWS Cloud Automation for faster, perfect operations. Save time, effort, and money

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