AWS Topology & Configurations
In Real-time

TotalCloud platform provides a seamless interface with your AWS environment in a visual environment.

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Get An Overview

Compare and contrast resource inventory and cost summary across regions of an AWS account.

Drill Down to AWS Regions

Hover on each region to view real-time information, and click to view the region's resource inventory.

TotalCloud Views

Dynamically regroup your AWS resources to get real-time context for AWS Network, Security, Cost, etc.

Drill Down to AWS Regions

Pan and zoom-in to view inventory, and find resource correlations according to configurations and data flow.

Resource Information

Get all relevant information.
  • Resources
  • Relations
  • Cost

TotalCloud Perspectives

Get another layer of data on any TotalCloud Views to get more contextual information.
Get AWS cost data on a live topology.

Sync AWS Account

No information is persisted but relayed to the user.

Synchronize your AWS account using ReadOnlyAccess and get real-time information.


TotalCloud platform pulls all the AWS information in real-time to provide latest changes in your AWS environment.


TotalCloud needs ReadOnlyAccess, and pulls only resource metadata. Provides all the information necessary to debug and validate AWS resource configurations.

Want to know more?

TotalCloud presents you the most visually appealing platform to validate your AWS operations.

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Parameter-based grouping

Grouping feature throughout the platform gives immense control to segregate, arrange and rearrange services in clusters.

3D Views

Three dimensional space enables TotalCloud to add more context using different data layers.

Unlimited AWS Accounts

TotalCloud enables you add any number of AWS accounts making it easier to switch between different profiles, with just a click.

Parameter-based filtering

Filtering feature for views provides the capability to isolate noise from the super set of resources.

Infinite Workspaces

Workspace in TotalCloud is infinite which helps you work with AWS accounts of any size.


Relations provide contextual information how different resources correlate to each other, including data flow, dependency, etc.

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